Gold Song Lyrics in English – Kiiara

Gold Song Lyrics in English OOFIS-OY-LOIMEYLUVIN-OY-WUTCHASNOWOOFIS-OY-LOIMEYLUVIN-OY-WUTCHASNOWOOFIS-OY-LOIMEYLUVIN-OY-WUTCHASNOWOOFIS-OY-LOIMEYLUVIN Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth(Gold up, gold up in my teeth).Don’t care what you say to me, I’ma bite your feelings out (Gold up in my teeth).I missed you in the basement(Gold up in my teeth). But your brother was a good substitute for you.And … Read more

Silver and Gold Song Lyrics in English – Dolly Parton

Silver and Gold Lyrics in English Well, I met an old man walkin’ down the streetHis clothes were torn and tatteredWith sandals on his feetAnd I stopped to help himAnd lend him a handHe said, I love you so muchBut you must understand Silver and gold might buy you a homeBut things of this worldThey … Read more